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René Furterer Forticea 200ml on Healthapo

18-06-2024 18:25   Для дома   Cardiff   51 просм Ссылка: 4y1aKLrbQGw

Область: Cardiff

Цена: 27 £

FORTICEA Strengthening Conditioning Shampoo is formulated for all hair types. It combines Guarana, a powerful natural energizer, with Vitamins B5 and B3 or Niacinamide, and the precious powers of Biospheres containing a cocktail of stimulating essential oils, to awaken the strength of the hair. From the root, the supply of vitamins and energy elements is intensified for a stronger, more resistant, more beautiful fiber. Hair is strengthened, healthy and vibrant with energy every day. Light and easy to style, they have a beautiful hold. 97% ingredients of natural origin. No silicone, no sulfated surfactants. Biodegradable formula

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